I was reading through the forms and I found some lag related posts. So I have a simple request for Multiplayer

Please let me pick the region to play in

The amount of times I have died and my kill cam has shown my killer aiming at the air next to me is ridiculous
  • I run past, enemy shoot behind me, I die
  • Enemy does roll around corner, I empty almost a clip into his body at close range, i see a lot of smoke, he hits me a couple of times, i die
  • Me and enemy run past each other, he shoots at air behind me, I die
  • Enemy comes around a corner I empty a clip into him and kill him with a head shot. Either the hits didn't register or the death didn't register until I had to reload.

yes it works both ways...but I don't want the BS.

I am in Australia and I want to play against people in my region so i don't get lag related problems.