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    HNGD to me

    yesterday i went to guitar center to buy a guitar as a surprise gift for my fiances dad,i told her a few days ago that i didnt want to buy a new electric for my self for atleast a year. so i started playing guitars trying to figure out which one would best fit her dad but while sifting thru i fell in love with a 2011 epiphone sg special, the crazy thing is i was going to buy it for her dad and she said no way i saw your face while you were playing its coming home with us, find something else for my my fiance is awesome and if anyone is curious i settled on an ibanez gio HH for her dad and he loves it so all is also adding a photo of my BCRich and my Dean bass cuz ive never put a pic of them in a post

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    Sweet little SG.

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    I have an Epi SG Special, too. While not the world's greatest axe, it's pretty decent. I really like the neck profile. I did swap my pickups out. The stock ones had little sustain. I wish mine had the pickguard, the just started that last year, I think. Currently, I leave mine Drop D tuned.
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    Happy New Guitar Day! I'm surprised that I actually like your B.C. Rich as well, I'm usually not a fan of the way their guitars look, but yours is pretty nice.
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