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    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Free For All Tournament (#maybe)

    Hello all, TheBigCat47 here. I've noticed a lack of free for all tournaments in the past, and I for one enjoy them. I'd love to host my own, full of twists and turns and surprising events within just 3 of brotherhood's non-DLC game modes. I would be hoping to have a 4 round tournament, held sometime in the range of September to October. First round would be wanted, 2nd round manhunt. 3rd round alliance, and finally wanted again for the last round. As I said before, there would be random events that will hopefully significantly impact the tournament. I think it would be fun, but I'd like to know, how many people would be intrested in joining? :/
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    I would join, as long as it's during the weekends. ;D
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    Ill join if its PS3 and NOT later than 2pm xD
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    I'm interested. I love wanted. :3
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