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    Blog: "Sweet Gaming Mods!" by Cryptik

    Blog: "Sweet Gaming Mods!" by Cryptik

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    Agreed girl! Day Z is crazy fun but you didn't mention all the Skyrim mods! There's so many fun ones to play around with for it

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    Cool blog topic, good read. Games that let people develop mods to make them their own, brilliant. Blizzard and Valve do an excellent job of this user based content through World of Warcraft add-ons, Starcraft 2 custom game types, and Lua scripting in all things Source engine; stuff like this allows for a lot of creativity and re-playability. Makes you appreciate the small stuff just that much more.

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    I love Minecraft ones! &I use to love downloading any and everything for the Sims!!

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    I LOVEEEE the sims! I cant wait for the new expansion. I did just hear DayZ is getting it's own full game. The game really dosen't appeal to me but lots of people seem to love it. I bet there will be a midnight release and everything when it does come out.

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