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    Just got off the phone with ubisoft regarding Yeti minidump crashing.

    There is going to be a new driver released by amd (probably an updated 12.7), and a new update to the game itself coming out next weekish (1.4), which will resolve the problem. So you don't need to delete your profiles, config settings, or reinstall the game to try to get it to work, because that isn't going to do anything. This is a problem with the games engine and 5xxx series Radeon cards. (I use a 5970 myself and I can't even start the game w/o getting yeti minidump).

    So, yeah. I'm not really sure why this information isn't stickied in the forum so people aren't confused, getting refunds, or trying to fix something that isn't their problem.

    You will have to update to 1.4 (next week), and you will additionally have to install the latest video driver from (NEXT WEEK aug, which will probably be 12.7 WHQL) if you are experiencing yeti minidump with a Radeon 5xxx card. To stop this yeti minidump crash, you will have to do both of these things (the patch and the newer driver coming later next week), to fix the problem.
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    I'll sticky this post for you.

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