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    Rocksmith Bass Official Gameplay Feedback

    Hey Rockers!
    Please use this Thread for posting your Feedback on what you think of the game, features, love, etc. Your feedback is reported back to the Developers and Ubisoft.

    For Guitar Gameplay Feedback please post here-
    Rocksmith Guitar Official Gameplay Feedback #2

    For Guitar & Bass DLC song requests please check the following thread-
    Official Rocksmith Song Requests*NEW*

    If you are experiencing any Technical Issues please find appropriate Topic and Console here-
    Rocksmith Official Bugs and Issues Threads

    *It is not a means of direct support so please report any issues you are having directly to Ubisoft Support.

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    Sorry about that! It is open now!

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    Where do we post our feedback on the fact that we now appear to have about a dozen separate Rocksmith forums to keep track of? Clearly, I'm not for it. This is a pain.

    As far as the bass add-on, my only note so far is that it appears there is no Master Mode for bass. . . Not a deal killer, but I'd like to see that added in. (I could be wrong - maybe there IS a Master Mode, but my son has leveled up all sections of Miss You by Incubus and scored 127,000 and there was no MM message or anything like what we're used to seeing in regular guitar RS.)

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    I bought the game last October waiting for this! Just downloaded the bass this morning and am every happy.
    My biggest problem with the guitar (which I attribute to my epiphone) has always been third fret on first strIng
    not registering correctly. So far nothing like that with my bass! Was awesome to plug in and be in tune already too!

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    The Bass expansion was awesome. I emulate the bass with the guitar because I don't own a bass. Two fingered picking and slaps and pops were very interesting and fun for me to learn since before that I always picked with a pick.
    I was also wondering, how to I get the Bass-Box and Bass Head trophies because I already have all the bass gear from the Tone Designer and Time Saver Pack DLC, and I already unlocked all rare pedals from double encores? Is there a solution?
    I also notice that when a song starts, the same amp tone is always loaded (emulated bass tone), and not the tone of the song. and when I press X(PS3), the emulated sound loads, and not the tone of the song. Basically, if I want to play the song with the right tone, I have to go to amp and change one of the tones. It was not like this in the guitar version. I don't know if I'm the only one. It might be because I got the Tone Designer and Time Saver pack, but I want to know, and I think this issue should be fixed.
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    I only played the guitar version for 30 minutes several months ago, but have been playing bass exclusively since it came out. When I got to a certain point in the game, one of the event songs started giving me chords. By itself, that isn't too big of a deal. But I had no idea what I was supposed to do with the blue frets behind the chord note panels. There was no "chords" instruction event listed next to the event songs, so I just tried the same song 4-5 times and kept wondering why it was going from a 2 note chord with blue frets to single notes.

    The chords thing really needs SOME form of explanation before it gets introduced to a bass player. There needs to be something that shows how to finger play a typical 2 and/or 3 note chord on bass. I got the xbox strummer achievement on that song, when I eventually did qualify for it. This is the only real complaint I have about the bass DLC.

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    Bass Emulation indication

    Playing the emulated bass is a lot easier than playing the real bass. We have the weekly challenge, and we cannot tell if bass was emultated or not by just looking at the score screenshot. You alerady display the instrument on that screen. I think it would not be that hard to display BASS or EMULTATED BASS depending on what was played. The following is my post on this week challenge thread:

    I guess it is fair to have two separate, music picking, emulator categories in addition to the 4 bass regular divisions. But I think one should not participate in emulated and non-emulated categories simultaneously. This way we do not exclude people that do not have basses or do not want to play basses, and we also do not exclude less advanced players in that situation. Of course we have to trust what players post, but I see no point in cheating on these challenges anyway. IMHO it is a fair request to Ubi to display some indicator in the score screen if bass played was real or emulated... for the next patch, maybe.

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    I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I just didn't understand what was happening.

    On.. the second? venue there was a song.. something 'bean' (Spoon, Me and the Bean) that I was working on. After about the 3rd - 4th attempt RS popped up a window that said since I wasn't getting it would I like to lower the required RSP total to pass it. The options in the pop-up notification were (I think) X to keep it the same and A to accept the reduction in required score. As far as I could see there was no way to X out and cancel. The only option listed at the bottom of the screen was 'A' to accept the reduction. I hit everything I could think of to keep it from lowering the requirement before finally hitting 'A' to accept it. I couldn't find any other method of resetting that song to the default afterwards either.

    In the end, I beat the song with more than the original required points the very next time I played it so it didn't really matter but this was a bit of an annoyance.

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    Dynamic leveling system.

    I was surprised (or rather disappointed) to discover that when you opt to do a challenge over again you don't get the same challenge but rather a more difficult version. Apparently the game considers you "good enough" to go to the next level whether you feel you are ready or not. So, what potentially happens is a player performs a challenge mediocrely, gets promoted to a slightly harder challenge which the player also plays mediocre (or worse) and onward and upward towards being a lousy bass player.

    Preferably it should be ace the one challenge then get bumped up to a harder one, ace that challenge and onward and upwards. If you didn't do well on a challenge you should be able to redo it exactly as it was initially presented. There is a reason rote learning is the preferred method to teach someone how to play a musical instrument, it works. Do it over and over again till you've mastered it.

    Seriously, play sloppy with a band and the drummer is likely to throw a stick at you!

    Side note: Choosing to redo a challenge shouldn't mean wading through numerous load screens and another intro video, etc. etc. 10-15 seconds max then back at it again.

    *Update: Yeah, the progression system is not working for me, redoing a challenge I messed up pretty bad (as I was given more notes) and yet I was given higher than gold level rating for it. The game needs to be far more critical of playing technique.
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    Hey developers, the Bass DLC is AWESOME!!!! I finally have callouses on my fingers from playing so much. Thank you for adding this feature.

    Request: I only have 1 suggestion right now. I would like to see something added in the leveler where you can go back 4 or 5 seconds in the song section you are trying to master rather than having to redo the entire section. Example: When trying to master a Verse for Radiohead's High and Dry, there is a 5 second part right at the end of the section I can't master. Every time I screw up that part, I have to start the section all over again (which is about 40 seconds long). So is there a way the game can recognize that you mastered most of the section and start back only at that section you messed up on?


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