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    Splinter Cell Conviction: Problem [says internet connection]

    Hi call me Wes. I just bought SCC yesterday for 10 bucks. Seen reviews and pictures of it and it seems like my kind of thing. I'm a normal gamer who practically in the rotation of buy-install-play. I am not really used to fixing problems hence i'm here. I have this problem saying " An internet connection is required to play this game. Failed to connect the Ubisoft master servers. Please verify that your internet connection is functional and try again. " . I searched some solutions but didn't work or mostly it's too techy talking about ports some stuffs like it that a guy like me doesn't even understand. My friend has a splinter cell he got it illegally but it's working 100% which seems to be so unfair for me. I wouldn't like my 2-burgers-worth game to be trashed without even trying play it at all.
    A step-by-step solution would really help
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    Hey Wes

    Uplay PC Client Ports:
    80, 13000, 13005, 13200-13999
    (all TCP) if not using web proxy

    If you are unsure of how ports work, the best course of action may be to contact your router manufacturer, system administrator or ISP for more information.
    You can also try to bypass the router by plugging directly into the modem to see if the connection error persists.

    Here is a link that has step by step instructions on how to open ports on any router that is out there.
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