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    Empire player persistently sabotaging games

    There's a person who I am apparently not supposed to mention but we all know who is, who joins games then leaves before they begin, thereby ruining the game. I have no idea what kind of mental issues he has and I don't care, but what I do care about is having my time wasted so much.

    Is there a way to report this player? Is ruining games for others against the ToS?

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    does this person's name begin with "D" by any chance?

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    In EULA there is no words about leaving the games. You can try to report me, but all you will get will be LOL or ROFL or ROFLMAO. Be glad I leave your games, otherwise I would eliminate your from the game with my ultra aggressive military strategy, Also AI takes over after a leaver, so no harm is done and your time is not wasted,

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    yeah, I was right. it was who I thought it was.

    incidentally, didn't you sell your account?

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    Ah yes, the lowlife in question has arrived.

    Firstly, people join the empire games to play against humans, not computers.
    Secondly, it doesn't matter if you eliminate us with your ultra aggressive military strategy because the joy is in playing. Everyone goes into a game knowing that only one person can win.
    Thirdly, I've seen you in two games in which you actually stayed to play (out of about 50 which you have joined and then left) and you got owned both times. Because you suck and your skill level is on a par with your gaming ethic.

    Anyway, Ubisoft's lack of action on this matter ensures that I don't buy any more of their games. There will be others like me.

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    I hate to bring this thread back to the top but I just can't leave it.

    First I was tempted to report your post as flaming is not allowed.

    Second, Decina is excellent player, has won more games than anyone. Also lost more because of quitting. If he did not quit he would be very close to top player.

    Third, if you had played as many games as he, maybe you would feel differently.

    Fourth, I suspect that Decina's strong connection/machine allows me to connect to more games. He seems to be in half the games I play.

    So you should just take a deep breath and, you know, live and let live.

    PS: You could not seriously expect Ubisoft to do anything? Decina is not breaking any rules.
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    I have reported the last post from this-topic-starter few times, no measures taken yet. I will not comment his last post because of his hostile speech. I just hope this kind of insulting will not be allowed in these forums, otherwise they can close the forums down. I don't mind if anybody tells I suck, but calling me LOWLIFE is over the limit.

    About last post. No need to defend me or speak for me Sings. Instead of playing classical multiplayer I play empire, because matches are found faster and easier. Because maps in empire are random, I wait for so long, that the desired maps and map positions come up. That's why I quit so much. I do not play empire for empire ladder #, but in order to get feudal/military/science/trade points for the overall multiplayer ranking (currently feudal level 10, military level 10, science level 9, trade level 9), which is not included in the empire ladder system.

    It is not my fault, that empire system has so many bugs which prevent getting points after the win if certain conditions are not being met. I know all such conditions and play accordingly to them. I will not spend 2 hours of military strategy to get zero points at the end. I will adapt the strategy in the way I get points or do not play at all.

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