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    Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog

    Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog

    Some of the mentioned specs are:

    - New detachable handle, crafted entirely of metal: also compatible with HOTAS COUGAR™ handle (and vice-versa)
    - new replica shape
    - detachable metal plate for desk- or cockpit-style use
    With this mention of detatachable handle etc. does anyone know if this stick could be floor mounted and add an extension to the handle to make it more like an actual aircraft joystick setup?


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    I just ordered mine.. Comes in tommorow.

    Here is a Pic from Amazon.

    Several folks have done silimar mount configs for the stick.

    I like mine to the right side.

    Take Care..

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    Yes I see what he has done there. That is one way of not having to put it on a desk etc. What I am trying to accomplish is to actually have the base much lower to the floor. The sensors are in the base, so a long shaft would allow for finer movements of the stick. Just look at a regular stick, moving the stick in any direction ½ an inch with a regular length stick then imagine the fraction of the input that would be if the stick was 2 foot long. You could set you stick inputs at 100 across the line but still be able to make extra fine inputs without any effort. That is the whole intent of the attempt, to achieve the fine input ability mechanically rather than simply in the input settings.

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    I am sure that it has been done. try asking/looking here

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