View Poll Results: What Splinter Cell play style do your prefer?

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  • Splinter Cell 1 or 2 play style

    6 25.00%
  • Splinter Cell 3 Chaos Theory play style

    9 37.50%
  • Splinter Cell 4 Double Agent play style

    5 20.83%
  • Splinter Cell 5 Conviction play style

    1 4.17%
  • Others: SC1 or 2 with SC5

    3 12.50%
  • Others: SC3 with SC5

    12 50.00%
  • Others: SC4 with SC5

    2 8.33%
  • Others: Anything else

    0 0%
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    Quote Originally Posted by sgg847 View Post
    Conviction, only conviction and I need more action.
    Well, Well, Well....we meet again

    I'm Batman

    Sig: Jazz117Volkov
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    i want all that was CT down to its feature than improve on them like.... trying solving issue number 1 with all stealth games.... that it only works for the first playthrough
    put some randomness to the NPC and such
    than take the improve shooting of conviction
    and remove M&E or make M&E into a tool that can be use for more than just "lol auto Win FTW"

    that what i want from my gameplay from Sc,
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    Hehe, you know you can vote more than two times or options. I voted for 4. Keeping my options open.
    Basically, SC1 and 2, and 4 and SC1,2 and 4 with SC5. I could have selected anything else but nah. I didn't vote for CT b/c it's pretty much like SC4 anyways. Always have to go for the greater or more features of. SC1 and 2 are together but if they were separate, I would just go for SC2 instead.

    Looking good though on the stats.
    SCB is an OKAY game. 7/10. Stealth is the only fun aspect of the game. Everything else sucks. Action gameplay sucks unless I am ranting. And why UBISOFT won't upload save games anymore?! Make me start over! Conviction had it! All it does is saving stupid achievements. I don't care about these things! Argh! UBISOFT, what happened?! Young Sam Fisher is on crack! LOL I am serious, all those super fast running movements. Where has the old Splinter Cell gone to? Where has the old Tom Clancy games gone to? The good old days. Sigh. UBI. Take notes!
    Overall: PURE GHOST PLAYER Woo...
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