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    2 pc's and 2 copies of GRFS and only 1 Uplay account

    I have purchased 2 copies of GRFS. I have two pc's and I will be playing bith at the same time, well I will be on one pc and my friend (who ever stops by that day) will use the 2nd setup. The issue is the Uplay account. For me, not a problem as I have a Uplay account. However, the client requires that you log into Uplay even if you are going to play OffLine. I want to avoid having to ask each new friend that stops by to create an account. Also, the licenses are tied to my Uplay account.

    Can I setup a second Uplay account and tie it to my 2nd GRFS license?

    Or, is there a way to make the client play offline without having to log into Uplay?

    I don't think the system will let me log into Uplay twice with my one account.



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    Easiest solution is probably for you to make a secondary account and tie your 2nd copy of the game to that. Then your friends just have to login to that single account whenever they are at your place.

    Im afraid Ubisoft forces everyone to be online at all times to play their games on PC, so tough luck. You have to be online, and STAY online for the entire session.

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    well that sucks. Good God what about poeple who still have no internet. They should make it mandatory to play online.

    I thought about settinjg up the 2nd account, but they also only let you have one account tied to onw email address, so I'd have to create a second email account too, which I would rather not do.

    Any other options here?

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    Hi, to play multiplayer you will need separate Uplay accounts for each if they are going to be playing at the same time.

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    Ok, we now have 2 Uplay accounts. The issue is that I registered both of my Key codes to my account. Now that my son is 18, I created an account for him. I tried to register one of the keys to him, and it says it's invalid.

    How do I unregister one of my keys so I can register it with my son's account?

    While logged as me, I do not see any where that shows the 2 keys I have.

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    You might want to check the Uplay forum and see if there's a solution there. If not, take a look here:

    And if there is still no solution there, you can contact Support. They will be able to help you out.

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    Ok, sent an email to uPlay support and got a response in less than one hour with the instructions! Wow, what agreat support!

    I had actually only activated one of the two, and they were able to tell me which one to use for my son. I also found out that the key is case sentative and you need the dashes.

    All working now.

    Again, awesome support!

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    Good to hear it is sorted

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    Wait just one minute....

    HOW exactly are you getting both of these machines online?

    I read in a previous post, that if you are planning on running two copies of GRFS behind a router, that the game will not work because Uplay says you have already connected with one IP (seeing as Uplay must only see your WAN address from your ISP.

    Did you find a way around this or do you have the luxury of having two static IP's from your ISP?

    Would love to know more as I was planning a LAN party but obviuosly we'd all be on my same cable connection for internet access.


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