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    What is the uplay browser plugin

    As the topic says what is the uplay browser plugin, why is it installed silently without my permission, and why can I not uninstall it without breaking the uplay program itself.

    Your company has no business installing items on my without my consent, and I did not consent to having some plugin added to firefox hell I don't really even consent to having uplay on my computer to begin with, but we all know what kind of moronic ideas are coming out of your offices. I put up with your **** hole software because you have to have it to play your games. Otherwise I would never use it. the whole one launcher for all games is a incredibly flimsy excuse for your uplay software. A launcher is most definitely not needed, when I click on a shortcut or the exe itself I expect the software to launch right away, and not have some man in the middle attack making it take two to three times longer to launch a piece of software, but hey there must be a good reason for this hell if I can figure out what it is though, because its sure not useful for stopping game piracy or anything actually useful for your users. Oh wait now I remember you have it unlock things that should have been accessible by the player under normal circumstances. Instead of doing something easy like building them into achievements, or goals, that could be unlocked through game play without an internet connection, you decide in your infinitesimal wisdom that this is something that you should make people go online through your special browser for which for some odd reason is a totally separate program from the actual game they are playing. You know you really could have done the same thing right inside the program, online and all without including the uplay application.

    I'll stop now or I'm likely to really get angry.
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    omg that verification image is so annoying ._.

    Anyway. I think the whole point of it was so their website had access to Uplay on your computer. How lame is that! Can you imagine that brainstorm?

    "I know! Let's connect our website to Uplay! Dev team, how can we do this?"

    "We can provide unrestricted access to the computer so that we can navigate to the .exe and determine the version."

    "Sounds good! Better not tell them about it though."
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    And they still haven't contacted their customers to warn them about the security breach they created on their computers, how lame is that. Come-on Ubisoft, get your fingers out of your behinds and tell people of the problem you have created.
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