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Thread: any modding tools for the game coming? | Forums

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    Hi, my answer has come directly from the Com Dev as with all answers. Contacting them will only result in the same answer. They are aware this is a popular request, Forum Managers have been including this request in our reports and emails, if we hear differently we will of course let you know.

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    Honestly, this was a stupid question. Do you honestly think mod tools would be planned for this kind of game? Think before you speak. Ubisoft wants this game to die out quickly so we can all buy the newest one.

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    We would need dedicated servers for mods, lol...

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    yeup!no tool zzzZZZzz yes tool for good creators split $ uPlay map pack
    i yes will bay.

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    Hey, I looked thru several toolboxes for modding and do you think you can bringout something more that don´t crash like the GRFS ? It is impossible to do this without harming foreign computers and not every computer is for playing or gaming only ...... and by the way, it would be very nice to bring out a development kit.... all other commercials failed in this case ( against the international law of common use of university tools ) they give me bugscrap and so is the result on others too ( sorry )

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    hack the game. add to it. simple. just hire a bunch of hackers to hack the source code, add in dedicated servers, and have the community of programmers and artist on the net make the game better.

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