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    Thumbs up Poor Video - washes out

    THis game is unplayable.

    if i wnat to see more than one click ahead of me the video washes out to an all white status

    This is NOT a fog of war issue - this is five clicks into the start of a game. Horrible job of showing what i am doing.

    Once i have the white out it doesnt go away - battles are fought in the same poor video quality. Even if i have been to the place before, it still is washed out.
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    Hi jbwhipple, in order for us to help you we need to know a few details;

    Which game?
    Which platform?
    If PC please post your specs.

    You could also contact technical support, the link is in my signature.
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    Poor Video

    Heroes 6

    I am running a Mac with Windows 7 running under VMware Fusion

    Mac has 8 gig of Ram
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