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    Speaking from experience, I've never really had any problems graphically with the series on the 360. I also find the controls to be great on the 360 as well.

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    My brother owns a 360 and I own a PS3. Generally, games released on both consoles look almost the same, however, it is true that Xbox is a little bit better regarding AC1....

    PD: A high end PC beats both, so if you can, go for it. The only console games that even come close are the Uncharted ones....

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    I own a PS3 and always have since it came out. I have had only two issues with AC both of them fix itself after a moment. AC 2 I have never had any type of issues at all. AC:B just the occasional frame rate issue if I'm on a horse and going as fast as I could. AC:R again no issues at all.

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    In terms of Consoles, The AC series does a good job in keeping both versions relatively the same in terms of performance and visuals, but seeing as you are the kind of guy who wants the best in each department then I suggest, like the others, a high-end PC. It`ll bring out the best from every game, since the PC is known to beat both the 360 and PS3.

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    I still think AC2 is the one that looks meh of all of em but that's just me.

    My cousin down the street has an xbox and has all the Ac games (as I for PS3) and honestly I see no issues whatsoever on my ps3. I don't think anything wrong on the xbox games, he don't think nothing is bad on ps3. So I don't about the 'chopiness' and probs on PS3 AC games so I can't really help you there.

    I will respect that if you rather play xbox, fine by me, im a gamer, I play on whatever I can (though not PC since to me it's like playing with Arthritis but hey, I respect PC gaming)
    but my honest opinion, I would say just continue playing them (AC) on PS3 and buy the exclusive titles for your xbox. I know it's what I'd do if I had one, but whatever you like!

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    I feel that the 360 controller is better suited for the Assassin's "claw". If you say that the frame rate is better, then definitely switch over. Still, if you care about a few bonuses, you might want to think about it a bit more.

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    I used to play PC games but I switched to a console and I have never looked back. Graphics in 1080 do not interest me.
    I own ps3, for about 3 years now. I use it everyday, either games or bluray or dvds. The only issues I have started fairly recently and they are caused by mechanical problems: without going into detail some of my game discs get dirty from lubrication on the spinner. That causes choppiness or game freezing. Since I did teh research, I know it's not ps3 as a console problem but mechanical stuff that should be fixed. I can only blame myself on not taking proper care of my console by cleaning it often and not overheating.
    Having said that, you could look into any technical problems with your console before buying games for the other. Perhaps fixing ps3 is going to be cheaper than all the new copies of games you own already.

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    Get an Xbox 360 Refurb for like 150. Much better system IMO.

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    Okay so I have both systems too and I have AC1,2 and Brotherhood on my PS3, and Revelations on my Xbox. I will soon have AC3 on the Xbox too.

    AC1 is choppy but the game was ahead of its time for next gen I think. It is choppy on PS3 but what the heck! AC2 was much smoother, Brotherhood was choppy due to a new team doing the spin off and having a LOT of space with no loading times. It was basically 3 cities in one. Revelations was much better. Now that I have started writing this I don't know where this is going. BUT! AC games have gotten better ports to the PS3 since AC2. I would say stick to PS3. Me personally, am buying AC3 on both systems, mainly due to Online for PS3 with mates and the 60 mins+ DLC the PS3 gets. I only bought Revelations on the Xbox because it was my first Xbox game haha.

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    I understand where you're coming from. I had pre-ordered AC 1 for PS3 (I did not own a 360 at the time), and when IGN reported that the framerate was significantly worse on PS3 I cancelled my pre-order. About 1.5 months after AC 1 came out, I finally bought an Xbox 360, and I finally bought AC 1 for 360, and the framerate was much better than what people described for the PS3 version.

    The problem is that it was initially difficult to program for PS3, most especially for Ubisoft, since they have always been pro-Microsoft for a very long time. However times change and as the series went on they have been drastically improved, at this point the graphical difference between the two versions is very minimal, or perhaps non-existent.

    So your question is, do you want to continue on the PS3 or switch to 360 for AC III? Since I started on 360, I will finish on 360, even though I am jealous that the PS3 versions of Brohood, Rev and III will all receive extra content that PC or 360 players will never get. This is unfortunate, but I can live without it.

    I actually double-dip when it comes to the AC series. I buy them for 360 at launch, then I re-buy them on Steam when they hit a big sale. In the future I will re-play the series in perfect 1080p at 60 FPS, which will make it feel like a far superior game than the console versions.

    Also, if you don't plan on pre-ordering AC III, wait a week after it's been released then go to Lens of Truth website, and they will break down the graphical differences, from resolution to texture mapping to environmental detail to framerate.
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