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    Just tonight, i purchased settlers 7 and created an account. No less than 4 hours later my card was caught for suspicious activity.. Are you serious? The only site i bought anything from was from the ubi site. Screw uplay, i'm deleting my account and just playing the 360 verison of ubi games from now on.

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    Hi Deadhead1812 - We apologize this has happened to you. Please create a ticket to support by clicking on the “Ask a Question” tab on the top of the page at They will be happy to see what is going on, so you can continue to play.

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    No, I do not think DeadHead needs to create a ticket. I think he needs to create a complaint to the FBI and or FCC department. That is what I think. After replacing 3 hard drives, two Processors and two mother boards latter I decided to get Security softwere protection. I was Schocked to find out it would block the Uplay installer at a red alert level stating

    "Mcafee has detected that your downlload contains viruses,spywere, and other potentially unwanted programs that can damage your hard drive or steal your personal infomation"

    This is the warning I would get at "downloads R US" or rapid file sharing. I was Schocked to see this from a well known buisness I trusted for YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!

    I created a "ticket" And was only told to "JUST TURN OFF" my security softwere. So here I have this usless Silent Hunter 5 game that can not be played with out a inet connection, and it is a laggy program, maybe due to "UNKNOWN" programs running when they shouldn't be. Anyway it is bad enough to deal with that so I can discover this action happening. Then latter I received this warning from Uplay that I need to handle my account because there is a security breach, looking at my security warning I can understand the breach, NO KIDDING BRAINER!

    SO it all comes down to this...

    When I buy a new car, the dealership dose not spy on me and go through my personal things. The car is bought and paid for, dealship moves on in their life to sell a car to someone else.
    When I buy a house, the seller or retailer dose not spy on me and go through my garbege and my personal things. The seller gets the money and moves on in their lives.
    When I buy a game, the softwere dose not belong spying on me and going through my personal things. PERIOD. If the softwere designer is worried all about a $8.00 softwere from being stolen verses a 35,000.00 car or 120,000.00 house design, the the softwere designer needs to get a new line of maybe Burger King, and they can keep their top secret $8.00 softwere designs in a box buried someplace were no one cares.

    I do not care for the "You don't understand time involved and bla, bla, bla to make it work" and so forth. Last few NEW games I bought Is sitting on a shelf collecting dust, which I am out of the money, but will never buy another game from that Softwere company, because they created JUNKwere. This is were over paid softwere designers make this so called "GREAT" peice of art and it is pure junk and loaded with bug issues. Ironic that a over paid game designer is worried about softwere design theft, but have to relie on modders and others who do not get one dime to fix the over paid designers mistakes. Another reason why Spywere and on line connecting games are redundant....(Guess which company is on this black list right now? Need a clue....)

    The Softwere company is NOT THE GOVERNMENT, is NOT A POLICING AGENCY. So to introduce spywere and viruses is the SAME as if a HACKER themselves did it. There for I think charges should be brought up against ANY Softwere design company that creates spywere and virus programs as part of their main installer program. As for the THE GOVERNMENT, or A POLICING AGENCY, we can all state how they do it without a warrent, but THE FACT IS, if they do so and get caught, they get in BIG trouble, people DO GET FIRED so the agency can save face, Big news confrence of how they will not have people in their department doing such actions. And wiggled their way out of a law suit...So no point in EVEN going there...

    Uplay dose not need to gain illeagal access to any computer as well as mine. There is NOTHING on that drive that is your buisness. There is no such thing as "if I have nothing to hide, why worry?" This is a excuse to justifiy why you must without a serch warrent (yes, by the Fedral Law a serch warrent is requier to serch your hard drive for personal infomation.) Go through my files on my hard drive, if that not the case, then you do not need Spywere programs of any kind. If you feel for some reason the statment "if I have nothing to hide, why worry?" is good with you, then fine, go OPEN up your house and just let people rumage through your things and go through your history and your records freely. Heh, heh, heh... you WILL get tired of that....REAL FAST...

    As for the virus program, there is NOTHING you need to do to tweek and adjust to play any game better. The manufacture dose have it were you can tweek the computer to play faster and work quicker. How ever they also placed a warning as well. "Loading maximume setting may cause premature were and hardwere FAILURE..." Your softwere designers, not Computer techs. You do not need to be adjust ONE THING on ANYBODYS Computer NO WAY. That is tampering with PRIVET PROPERTY. You wish to adjust my computer then buy it from me, and it will be your property to do as you see fit. Heres a tip, Stop over paying the game designers, and fire them all. Bring in a fresh new group, and tell them you want top grade aid games that are not sloppy thrown togeather. Then you will not have to worry about tweeking any one's computer to play faulty softwere..

    And that is the way it is. .. Too bad

    SO my suggestion is this, very simple. Works all the time. Due to the illeagal activites that seem to be inharent by Uplay. I would NOT download ONE thing anymore untill they finally get it right for once and retro how they do things. I wouldn't even buy ONE PEICE of Softwere, end it now. Like a strike, when Ubisoft begains to looseing money, they WILL, like any other big company loosing profit, will start listening to the customer, and begain to take security more serious. Which will cause a Retro for Uplay and their help desk, people will start loosing jobs and there installer will have been cleaned up. Were it will be ONCE again safe, to download a game program from Ubisoft or Uplay.

    For the RECORD.....

    I have STEAM, I HATE STEAM. How ever, I can play SkyRim Disconnected from the internet AND My security system dose not Flag the STEAM program at all. Apperently they got something right. I will give them that...

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    McAfee does not catch actual viruses. So if you see a warning from this junk you can be sure that software you're downloading/installing is completelly safe.

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    Clearly you didn't read anything, but just talking....

    1 "That is what I think. After replacing 3 hard drives, two Processors and two mother boards latter I decided to get Security softwere protection."

    Do you REALY THINK I am gonna listen to one word you have to say as advice after I shelled out $500.00 on my system? I never had the problem before..

    2 "I have STEAM, I HATE STEAM. How ever, I can play SkyRim Disconnected from the internet AND My security system dose not Flag the STEAM program at all. "

    I have no issues with this program, basicly the uplay consol is a ubisoft version of this, because it is basicly the same thing. Except this dose not flag my security system. So I guess it dose what it is sopose to do. And that game IS installed and I have no problems...NOT ONE!


    "Dear Member,

    We recently found that one of our Web sites was exploited to gain unauthorized access to some of our online systems. We instantly took steps to close off this access, investigate the incident and begin restoring the integrity of any compromised systems.

    During this process, we learned that data had been illegally accessed from our account database, including user names, email addresses and encrypted passwords. Please note that no personal payment information is stored with Ubisoft, meaning your debit/credit card information was safe from this intrusion.

    As a result, we are recommending that you change the password for your account: Kessner_00 "

    SO....There is NOTHING your telling me. AS long as the uplay program is FLAGGED DANGERIOUS, it WILL be treated as a THRET!!! I have not had one computer problem since. This tells me more than YOUR ADVICE ever will. SO NO! As far as I am concerned, there is nothing safe about it. I check it every month, as long it is RED FLAGGED a THRET, I will never download it. And Silent Hunter 5 can sit on the black list of games collecting dust I could care less about. Beside I have SH3, better game in ever way anyhow...

    Just because others do not put it up on the board were they stand, dose not mean they do not feel the same way or is "OK" with now. They do not post it anymore or pass posting it because they feel they get no were, hitting a dead wall, so they leave it be quietly, but will never bother with it again. Only a fool would think they have changed their mind.

    I on the other hand will join that, but I will let my voice be heard first with my protest clearly. Understand there? Once again...

    1 "That is what I think. After replacing 3 hard drives, two Processors and two mother boards latter I decided to get Security softwere protection."
    NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY, I will STAND on THIS! And BACK IT UP! I will NOT change my MIND EVER, are we clear on this?

    2 "I have STEAM, I HATE STEAM. How ever, I can play SkyRim Disconnected from the internet AND My security system dose not Flag the STEAM program at all. "
    I am AMAZED that the compentition got it right, This consol is never RED FLAGGED, and I have no problems. I have to ask, Why is that Uplay dose???

    3. "So if you see a warning from this junk you can be sure that software you're downloading/installing is completelly safe."
    NO I DON"T THINK SO...NOT NOW, NOT EVER... It has kept my system well protected since I had it up and running AFTER GETTING FIXED. IT dose not RED FLAG for the sake of RED FLAG. STEAM is not red flagged, Windows Live Is not red flagged, The RockStar Games Social Club is not red flagged...Uplay? RED FLAGGED like a Unwanted VIRUS PROGRAM EVERY TIME!!

    So heres a tip, any advice, to tell me to SHUT OFF my security system after my repair investment and hassels, is a waste of time. I can not take the word of someone, when I have proof, to even show in a court of law to raise question what is realy in your consol softwere. When it says its one version and the installment shows another version? I had that too. How dose that happend?

    Here is MY advice, I do not expect it to be taken, no one in uplay really cares..But here it is anyway. Face the wall when your telling me to shut my security system off that it is safe. You WILL get a better result from the wall. After that, go through your uplay exe to make sure it is not effected by a scripting virus that may be binding to it, waiting for the unpack. Make a new one that is clean free of spywere and any other illegal programs set to do things in secret and illegaly useing the plugins of the browser to how you see fit.

    Or Lable your spywere warning so it can not get downloaded anyway... My suggestion is clean it up. The day it dose not get red flagged will be the day I will ever down load it. And thats the FACTS YEAH!!

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    lol, what a wall of text. stop raging, im not even ubisoft employee

    1. I didnt get this one. my system worth much more btw, so you should listen to me lol.
    2. u can play uplay games in offilne mode
    3. lol. mcaffee isnt security system. its just a pile of crap. it gave false positive

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    Guys,Please just give Ubisoft some time. I'm sure they will remove the u play client as soon as they realize that it is quite stupid.

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    Once again... Steam is worse. You are just not experienced in Steam's problems.

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