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    The Official UnOffical: What Guns do you want to see put in game : Thread

    Alright, I haven't seen this topic discussed in awhile. Let's keep it narrowed down to guns that the developers would consider adding to the game. So, although alot of you would like to see the likes of the AK-47, AK-74, M14's those do not fit the time frame of when GhostRecon Online takes place. The time frame is roughly 2020? (In the future) so let's keep the dated guns out of the recommendations.

    Also, lets not get crazy and start asking for things like Javelin's, etc; although I'm sure we all would like to run around with an MM1 like terminator.

    ****EDIT*** This thread is looking to provide a clear listing of what guns the community would like to see. Unlike the other thread which is filled with comments and de-rail. Please only provide a list of the guns you want to see. If you want to have constructive dialog about said guns, please post that here:

    I'll add the communities requests to the list on this post so we keep one good repository. So far we got:

    XM8 - All variations (Carbine, Sniper, etc)
    Purdy Side-by-Side
    Barrett 680 series
    Berrett Xtrema2


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    Captcha SUCKS!


    Purdey Side-by-Side Game Gun

    A.H. Fox

    Beretta 680 Series

    Beretta Xtrema2

    Tar-Hunt RSG - Sniper Shotgun <3

    Anything Browning Citori

    i just want more shotguns <3

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    There's already a thread for this here:

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    an-94, xm8, m1911 and a high powered semi auto battle rifle for the assault like the m14.

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