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    Is there a weapons class/slot mod?

    Hi all, currently on my 2nd playthough of the vanilla game and am finding it really frustrating not being able to carry the weapons that I want because of the slot/class system. A lot of what I want to carry goes in the same slot, such as the desert eagle and the grenade pistol, or the dart gun and the saw, it's really limiting my weapons choice and ruining the game.

    Is there some way to fix it so any weapon can be carried in any slot?
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    I managed to mod my game to break the predefined weapon slot rule. I even made a video to prove it:

    It is possible to make custom configurations but you can't have a weapon in all slots like in the first Far Cry.
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    i think this class system is not ruinning the game, but makes it more realistic. i mean in reality, you cant for example carry three rocket launchers
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