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    I don't know if everyone understands, but I am asking for questions about AC3's multiplayer art, design, characters, etc., not regarding gameplay - for the next podcast. The next podcast will mainly be focused on this topic, and specifically on AC3. What would you ask to the people who make the game? I will be more likely to pick positive questions over negative ones.
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    I dont think Ive seen this anywhere, if it's been posted, please feel free to shoot me a link. But I would like to see more about how playing in the wilderness will affect multiplayer. Particularly, will players be able to climb and use trees or if play will be in a forest but will be on the ground, occasionally being able to climb a log cabin or something similar to that.
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    Now Episode 3 "Assassinate the Wanted" is up. Most of the discussion is on single player modes. More info here!
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    People apparently can't read.

    If this is considered an art question: How many colors will be available for multiplayer character customization? Will parts be individually colorable? Will each character have the same color palette to choose form or will they all have unique palettes?
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    AnimiCast Episode 4 "Tauntaholics Anonymous" is out! Permalink: Guests WHU Honey Badger and current XBL Abstergo Ladder #1 holder (for a full week) Murzealous!
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    My first time ever doing a podcast, thanks Citizen for having me on.
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    No problem Murz! I think that you helped the podcast to hit its stride after we started talking abilities.

    I'm hoping to get more feedback from the forums. I get a decent amount of listeners and downloads according to stats but very little feedback. So I'm just curious if the hundreds of listeners have any opinion. Even feedback on the audio would be great.
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