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    Splinter cell: Conviction Deluxe Edition..

    I bought SCC Deluxe Edition off steam on the recent summer sale they held along with the insurgency pack. The deluxe edition comes with special features like the infiltration mode. Well... i redeemed the SCC DELUXE EDITION when it asked me to at the uplay thing.. but when i launched the game, i could not find infiltration mode. It was supposed to come with the deluxe edition already but i do NOT get the option to play it. I know i dont need to pay 40 u points for it because i bought the Deluxe edition already. Can someone help me? Am i missing something? Am i supposed to beat the game first? I also can't see the other features like the weapons and the costume the deluxe edition is supposed to come with. thanks.
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    On main screen you will see EXTRA option,then go there and unlock it.
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