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    Breeding Badges?

    Ok, I asked this in the Patch Notes topic but it seems to have been overlooked, so I'll ask here as well. When breeding badges switched from individual horses to just showing up in the inventory, I ended up with 37 of them. The patch notes seem to indicate that the next time I breed a horse, I need to use ALL of them, or the remainder will disappear. Is that actually what happens? Because that's really not cool. I spent a lot of time and energy earning those badges PER HORSE, only to now face losing them if I choose to say, work with the new Paint breed, with which my mastery level is still low, and so the number of things I can affect with badges is limited to only a few. Even Saddlebreds, with which I'm the highest so far, I couldn't possibly come close to using nearly 40 badges in one go. I'd be losing more than half of them because of this change.

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    Hi Kholran, I can answer your question from experience! You do NOT have to use all your breeding badges out of your inventory. When they did the switch over from the horses to the inventory, I had 19 breeding badges added to my inventory. I usually use about 12 per breeding. So, I wasn't sure what would happen the first time I tried to breed after that, too. But I used my 12, and the remaining badges stayed in my inventory (and I was able to successfully use them the next breeding). :-) So it is all good (at least that is how it worked out for me). Maybe that is the reason they switched the breeding badges to the inventory - then you don't have to use all of them at once, and lose any you didn't use. Good luck in your breeding! I hope it works for you the same way it did for me.

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    Thanks for the reply. I went ahead and tried it and you're right, it just removed the ones I used and left the rest. I had been too afraid to try it for fear of losing all the rest, so good to know.

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    Your welcome! I'm so glad it worked ok for you, too. I just did another breeding, and had to check my inventory after to make sure I had the "extras" still there. :-) Just to be sure. LOL. It will be nice that you can breed again without worrying about losing your badges.

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