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    How to apply "SHIFT-SEMICOLON" when semicolon needs shift to begin with

    HI There,

    Since I bougth the game locally I certainly expect Lock On to be playable on any keyboard setting.

    On a US keyboard one may be able to apply a shift-semicolon key combination. But what does one do when one has a keyboard setting where shift has to applied in the first place? There is a thing called shift-comma which is equivalent to semicolon. Shift-shift-comma is simply not possible !!

    PS: switching keyboards is simply NOT a practical solution, besides that I do not want the expenses to have a US keybord mailed to me.
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    Re-assign the control to a key / key combination that's not already in use?
    Alternately, Shift + Semi-colon on a US keyboard is colon ( ":"), does that work? This will depend on whether the game reads characters or DX button presses from the keyboard. If the latter, you'll probably need to try my first suggestion.

    Edit: I see I'm a bit late replying
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