Seriously, i have been playing assasin creed since start, always loved it, supported your games by buying em, not pirating em but seems i have made a mistake.

Just recently i bought 2 copies of future soldier for pc, for me and gf to spend some time and play the co-op but what do i get? I waste 100€ and all i get is fist up in my *** and maybe the worst support in decades.

uPlay client is not working, i understand but it has been down now for what, 2-3 days and there is no single f*cking announcement from you guys that you actually are working on this, you are competetly ignoring us, paying customers with giving no single information what is happening.

Even facebook doesnt tell anything else that you keep uploading some crappy youtube videos while 200k customers are pissed that they cant enjoy and play the games.

The irony is fun, that we paying customers that support your games and would like to support in future, are not able to play while many scrubs are pirating these games and are having absolutely no proplems playing and have fun while we slit our wrists just to wait somekind of information what the **** is happening.


L2info us customers, seriously.