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    Drama Queen

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    what do you expect over the internet? people will act like *****s, dont get yourself frustrated about it, its really not worth it.

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    I am sorry to see you go, but sometimes a break is what you need. See you again in October.

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    Breaks are needed

    But don't let of all things in the world the INTERNET stress you out man. This community is full of douche bags anyways.

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    You are not the only that's taking a break... I think it's a very refreshing idea

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    You are most certainly entitled to a break and I'm glad you are taking one. I think we're all burned out on the bs of AC.

    See you in AC3!

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    Thats a shame dude, you're one of the nicest people in the community. The internet is full of poeple who troll dude, they have the safety net of anonymity so say what they please! Just ignore them dude, I do and see you when AC3 is out, we shall have to play!

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    Some of the best games I got to play were with you. Hope to see you get back into things with the next game. I'm in the middle of helping a couple friends with their trophy hunts in that one other game, but feel free to hit me up sometime if you want to play.

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    It's all good brother

    Hey Kristian,
    Honestly, a break is good. People need to realize that this is a game and people are on the other end. People also need to take what people say with a grain of salt..
    Some people won't like others because of the way they play, Some don't like others for what they say, also their actions on the forums --- being a troll...
    I've played against you and sure I get frustrated with the things you say, but that is also my own opinion... Playing with you or against you can be fun... isn't that what games are supposed to be? FUN. It's what has brought this community together and it has also created a rift amongst friends. People take things way to seriously... (i.e. i played against the guy in Call of Duty mw3 and he threatened to slice my head off with a sharpened plastic spork) I couldn't help but laugh because it is only a game. I can only imagine what CRAZY GAMERS are like at competitions, you should really just kick back and just play. Who cares about scores, who cares what people think.. Your a grown a$$ man who enjoys videos game... My suggestion for you Kristian is this, try different things have fun with it and enjoy playing with friends.. I mean look at us (The Reckoners) we enjoy everyones company and we are a huge family and honestly we actually talk about everyday things not just effin video games. Hope you find yourself and just kick back enjoy a beer.


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