View Poll Results: Do you think Ubisoft knew about Stun-Locking when they created ACB?

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  • No, but I'm sure they're saying they did to make themselves look better.

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    Lightbulb Poll :)

    Do you think Ubisoft new about Stun-Locking when they created ACB?
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    I don't think they knew about it, but early on after the game's release, they did allow a way for the Y button to be used in Manhunt to desync and try again. However, this couldn't be added in Alliance as it would deny a player's pursuers the opportunity to kill them if they were stunned and desync'ed with Y.

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    Stun locking is still possible in ACR actually...all you need is to have a better connection then your pursuer...which is quite sad really...
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