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    Post coj 1 models 2 coj 2

    hi friends,

    i just wont to know how can fix this problem,

    i import one building of coj one to chrome editor but this objects have a problem

    we can see this but cant touch ..and bullet on this not effect, i think mybie have not a good "def" !

    some pic of this



    this is files ,


    any one can help plz tell me

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    first, exporting coj1 models into coj 2 is not allowed by techland.

    And for the collisions, your mesh have no LOD mesh(level of detail).
    You should duplicate your mesh in maya and give the collisionhull_0 name to the duplicated one then link the collisionhull to the main mesh then export.

    Read this again.

    And For the EULA violation,
    Look what Seir said, he's a Techland designer:

    There's Zancara's site with some of it's models:
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