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    How do i get out of this?

    Ok, so i was carrying out one of the weapons vendor missions, the one where you destroy a convoy..anyway, i blew up the last truck and yay, i have completed the mission, so obviously a prompt appears asking if i want to save, yes of course i do..

    So i wait for the save screen to do its thing and i resum my game, and as soon as the game starts, a piece of debris from the exploding truck hits me and i die..

    So, you can see the problem right? evey time a load the game and spawn, BANG! im dead because of this stupid save system..

    how can i resume my game? don't tell me i have to start from scratch again?

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    Do you have a point where you saved before this happened? If you do you are lucky. You might have to start over.

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    I got into a spawn trap also - had to start over - then made 3 saves - just keep making more than 1 save file in case you get trapped or need to go back. I would save at the start of each mission - like in the APR/UFLL bases in Pala or Mosate Selao just after receiving the mission. You can also save at the Weapon Shop when you accept the convoy missions. Never just overwrite the same file (in any game lol)

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