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    New Maps and Track IR support

    As the title says a few new maps would be nice to see in the future, perhaps some of the origional GR,DS,IT maps revamped (less urban and more outdoor). It would be nice if the game eventually implemented Track IR support for those of us who have this technology or wish to obtain it soon., i realize the game is in 3rd person until you scope in or go to ironsights but that would be when Track IR really shines as shown in the following link . Just a thought. Otherwise a very enjoyable and well thought out gaming experience up to this point, especially for players such as myself who spent many a night in ladder matches in OGR or playing co-op in it. Worthy of the GR name (unlike a few previous releases).
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    Track IR is pretty pointless for a game like this since its not like you're going to be sitting in one place talking to someones face, this is a fast paced third person shooter lol.

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    I agree with Inceptious; TrackIR wouldn't have a large enough impact on increasing game ability/performance to make it worth using. Not to mention the user-base for TrackIR is probably even lower than the user-base for multiple-monitors.

    These low user-base additions, while nice, use up development time that needs to be prioritized for the majority of users.

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