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    Unless he has a Bi-pod, then he only takes a moment to stabilize,(About the time it takes for him to put the cross hairs over a target correct his aim and fire) that's what we are getting at.

    However people with out bi-pods popping out will take longer, perhaps up to a second and change to fully stabilize.

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    Pop-up sure. Pop-around, nope.avi

    Anyone leaning left or right around cover should not be getting bipod support unless prone. Bipods do not magically stabilize on corners when you're standing. :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Compassghost View Post
    Pop-up sure. Pop-around, nope.avi

    Anyone leaning left or right around cover should not be getting bipod support unless prone. Bipods do not magically stabilize on corners when you're standing. :/
    Agreed. The bi-pod should only work in situations where bi-pods are actually usefull.
    jspook, out...

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    Great post...easy to read (unlike my walls of text LOL)...but since I agree with so much of it, I'll just post about what I disagree with.

    First, it's absolutely unacceptable to have ANY sniper rifle running around with a red dot as if you have an AR. I think that SR's need to be hit with a massive accuracy penality when firing on the move or from the hip regardless of what attachments you have. SR's should rely on pure luck to hit someone while shooting from the hip or strafing around in CQB. The bullet spread should be very random like LMG's on full auto...I think snipers should have to switch to their sidearm when in CQB...make people use those pistols

    The titan armor speed penalty is not that works for what you get from the titan armor. Maybe titan is worse than hermes for recon, but for assault it already gives opponents's very hard to kill assault in full decked out Titan and their HA MK2 ability...I dont' want them gain an extra 14 speed (Titan MK4 for assault is 36 speed) by making titan a flat 50 speed for all classes. I think if your gonna have the best damage mitigation, you have to sacrifice speed, kind of like an Armored Tank is slow but difficult to destroy. However, I do like the parts about upgrade slots in fact, I had thought of that a while ago but just hadn't posted it...I had also had an idea about customizable inserts too, but that's for another feedback thread...

    Impact grenades aren't really that bad either....I mean you can throw a frag grenade in a way that it explodes just as it gets to the enemy and not allow them to survive at it's not like remove impact nades will help any....though I can't wait until they fix the bug where the nade hits you in the chest, kills you and either goes off after your dead or never goes off....feels like you got hit in the chest with a rock and got killed, pitiful way to die LOL.

    As for cloak, I don't quite understand what the need is to see your own cloak. Sure it can be annoying if you can't see or have a reasonable chance to see enemy cloak..but your own....Hmm...all I can say is why?

    Lastly, the one thing I will comment on in which I agree with is moving the MK16 to a higher tier....if I had my way, I'd move it to level 30 to be honest....the weapon just has something about it that instantly make people a killing machine. Now I'm not the most accurate player (well actually I'm terrible aim LOL) but having a K/D ratio of about 0.7 and accuracy about 8% - 10% on average with other most AR's (not really my type of weapons), then I switch to MK16 and immediately without changing anything I do normally, I instantly go to over a 1.0 K/D ratio and accuracy jumps to about 15%...this is just by switching to the MK16...which tells me that the weapon just might be a bit OP still if it's that easy to kill kind of reminds me of how easy it used to be to kill with the Pentagun...I really dont' see any disadvantages to using it the MK16.

    So does it have any drawbacks or issues? Let's see (and this is in my opinion and experience with it).....

    Range? No!
    Accuracy? NO!
    Rate of fire? No!
    Handling? No!
    Recoil? No!
    Ready Time? No!
    Bullet Spread? No!
    Damage per shot? No!

    I mean never had any complaint about this weapon when I used it...there was nothing about it that made me think to myself "hey, I wish this good was better at this or that".....and in that case, that means it's not balanced to me as I've never had a single weapon that I didn't have at least one complaint either I agree it needs to move to a higher tier and cost about 40,000 RP to get or adjust some it to give it at least some kind of noticeable disadvantage that actually affects actual performance with it. Never have I seen a weapon in any game that I would say has absolutely no issues...MK16 is the first.

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    As for snipers rifles - To each their own. =)

    As I've said before I'd probably stop doing this if we had a decent medium range SMG, the whole reason for the red-dot on the sniper is to play the medium range, rather than being forced in close with smg's or extreme range with scoped snipers.

    The titan armor across all classes are a train wreck with the speed penalty.

    Lets look at the assault.

    Hermes Armor gives 16% armor
    Titan Armor gives 21 Armor

    So you gain 5% more armor and suffer 38% slower run speed.

    Speed matters in this game, it enhances all of your abilities for all classes. There is simply no comparison. Even if you have two Assaults with the Hermes and Titan, it is rare that the Titan takes more than an extra bullet to put down. It's just not worth it to use titan armor.

    And I want it to be.

    The two suggestions I had were do away with the speed penalty or keep the speed penalty and increase all of the titan armor across all classes by an additional 10%

    So the Assault Titan armor would be 31% armor and the Assault Hermes armor would be 16%.

    It's the only way that Titan armor would come close to being competitive with Hermes

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    Agree with the armor... I actually tested the armor differences and the Titan armor did not stop you from getting 1-shot killed by a mag round with a sniper but it still slows you to the point of being a sitting duck 90% of the time... it needs more armor or less of a speed penalty...

    I also think that the benefits of the equipment with stability should be looked at and the penalty to the quick-scope shots needs to be there... or you'll have situations where people can continue to call-of-duty style play and get away with it.

    Pay the price with mobility or with stability... that's what's nice about customization... you pick what you get better at.

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