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    Red face New guns coming!

    So i was playing the campaign doing all the challenges when i encounter something interesting that got my attention. If you check on your challenges before you decide to start the mission they have a challenge for Sniping and Assault etc, now if you read the guns you can use u can see that it would mention guns that are not even in the game yet but i didn't notice this when i got the game did anybody see this or did i missed something?

    Here are the guns.





    This are the only ones i see if you find out please post and remember this is not official from Ubisoft but is in the game not a lie.

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    this could confirm a little more that DLC content is already locked on the CD and we are paying for nothing but a unlock code. i could be wrong but i swore i read somewhere on the ubisoft site months before this game launched guns like the F2000 and the MP9 were going to be in the game on day 1 along with the UMP and a lot of other MW favorits that are simply not there. there are so many remenents of the first version of this game in campaigne it's silly like what you discribed.

    the title update we downloaded on the 6th was 3 MB and that offered nothing but coding fixes, stuff that usually doesn't take up a lot of space while bigger files like maps and guns usually take up a lot more. whats the average MW3 drop? with 2 or 3 maps? 70 100 mbs? i can look and confirm if ya want, me being a sucker that bought hardened edition.

    time will tell, im almost willing to bet if they did lock it on the cd there is going to be a mob of hackers that will figure out how to get the code unlocked without paying a dime. look how many hackers are already playing this game now, and how many exploits there are. like people running around with heartbeat sensors in MP thanks to the cell phone app. they live for stuff like that.

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    I can understand the guns being licked on disc. Kinda like sf characters or mk characters. Basically if it was included with the dlc maps , you would only be able to use them on those maps. Ppl who did not have the dlc wouldnt see the guns because they didnt dl the weapons or maps. There are a cpl ways to go about it. Either include the weapons on disc. Bring out a seperate update to allow ppl w/o the dlc to be able to see ur character running around w them . Or make them only useable in the dlc maps. Most devs now days just put them on disc to avoid having to pay ms/sony fees for releasing title updates. This is all assuming that the maps arent on disc either. We shall see which one is true based on the amount of memory the mappack uses when they release the dlc and we download it. When we dl the map pack , if the amount of space needed to dl it is something like 10kb....then yea the map packs were on disc and we just paid for an unlock. But if its in the 300mb to maybe 1 gig, then the map packs were created (or with held) after the disc went gold and pressed.

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    1) The sniper rifles are pre-order bonuses.
    2) The leaked guns from the Beta feedback form have been known for ages.

    Assault Rifles:

    Personal Defense Rifles:
    Mk17 PDW

    Sub Machineguns:
    BT MP9
    Type 05 JS


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    Mk17 i really want this gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nexolate View Post
    1) The sniper rifles are pre-order bonuses.
    (etc. etc. etc.)
    Are you kidding me? So there's absolutely no way to unlock those two snipers until time travel is invented...?(or we go mucking about in the game code, which is arguably an even more disastrous course of action) D**n.

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    The Sniper Rifles aren't all that great, considering the M40A5 and MN91 both don't kill in one hit consistently even on the firing range...

    AK47 / Mk14 were the better deal.

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