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    Your policies are in need of change...

    ...If Ubisoft wishes to remain a viable business enterprise. The refusal to refund the purchase price of a game, throwing the responsibility back on the retailer, especially when the retailer whose name rhymes with "Ream" refuses to refund the price, is a non-starter. This incestuous little relationship allows the software producer to deny responsibility for producing shoddy product and the retailer to deny responsibility for selling said product, leaving the customer out of their money and no recourse for a refund. Do not buy ANY games from ANY producer that doesn't use PayPal or similar payment system. At least you have some leverage in forcing the retailer to provide a credit rather that a refund as was my case.

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    or just dont buy ubisoft games anymore.
    im sure as hell pirating the new assassins creed when it comes out, and rainbow six.....ill wait until its patched for sure, not gonna go through this bs again thats for sure
    thanks ubisoft for making me weary of buying games now, have to check forums before purchasing now

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