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    Ghost recon network unlocks ps3

    when will the ps3 tab work for the unlocks?

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    It looks likely that it never will. That is pretty low on the list of things that Ubisoft would be working on to get this game in perfect shape. They still are trying to get the PS3 patch done, working on dlc, fixing ps3 voip issues, connection problems, lag, and balancing. I do hope unlocks will come out for ps3 eventually, but it seems doubtful.

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    I don't have any issues with it... The gunsmith online app doesn't work for me when I log in though.

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    Hi guys, if you are having issues please email GRN Support, the email address is in my signature.

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    It won't even let me log in to see all my PS3 stats, I think Ubisoft needs to check stuff before they launch it

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