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Thread: Assist needs fixxing. | Forums

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    Assist needs fixxing.

    sometimes i hit people with the sniper and if they do not die in like 5-10 sec i do not get a assist. i think the assist should be longer.

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    I'm undecided on this one....I do have that situation, especially with the SR25 not killing people all the time and I will end up getting something like 60% accuracy because I've hit a bunch of players in the round, but because I didn't get the kill and they go too long before dying to a teammate, I don't get the assist either. therfore no points to help boost my xp or yeah that sucks.

    But then, I feel like yeah I hit the person but they managed to survive a while and since you can go into cover and immediately recover some health rather quickly in certain situations, then maybe it would be wrong to give me an assist then.

    So far I think you only get an assist when a player dies within a max of 3 seconds of you doing damage to them...after that, I don't think you can get an assist....5 seconds might not be a bad time limit though...10 seconds is way too long for this type of game to give you an assist.

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    Dwayne, Accuracy is calculated by the ratio of shots to hits. Kills are irrelevant. The assist time as it stands now encourages snipers to aim for head shots because they might not get credit for a body shot that someone else finishes off later. Leave it imo.

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