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    I could post a video that would look just like it, all I'd have to do is let go of the trigger.

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    Creep, exact same thing happens to me, but usually using an assault rifle. I haven't experienced it nearly as much while in cover as just waking (crouched and .. for lack of a better term ..erect). I hope there is some kind of topical cream for that. Pre-firing all of the time sucks.

    Shooting over railings needs to be fixed too. Sometimes my character has a seizure trying to fire over a railing to a point >than ~ -50° from horizontal (below).
    Picture, if you will, a map where the attackers have to cap an objective, lets call it C, where they are spawned at a location that requires them to run down one of two elevated columnar stair cases... with railings. If there is someone at the bottom trying to kill you. .. good luck with the railings.
    peak over.. half way. but no, retract. then peak over but don't fire. and retract. over and over.
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