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    Heroes 6 crashes on StartUp


    since some time my heroes always crash when i wanna play.

    Error Message:

    Runtime Error

    Program:\games Heroes\Might & MAgic Heroes 6.exe

    on: MSVCR90.dll
    Version: 9.0.30729.4940

    I tried to reinstall whole game 3 times didn't worked.
    I uninstalles all Redistribute packages and only installed the one from DVD. Didn't worked

    Does anyone know how to fix this?

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    This may work, as it just worked for me, although I did not have the same exact situation. I know redownloading it is a pain and costs precious bandwidth (yay caps!), however if the game is already saved in your Uplay account, if you redownload the game THROUGH UPLAY, it might work.

    The problem I had was I downloaded the game through the Gamestop App where I purchased it and installed it through there, but then the updates ruined it and it refused to run. So, by uninstalling the game and reinstalling through UPlay I am now able to get it up and running again. Hope this helps.

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    Hi, if you are still having issues after tying the above suggestion please contact technical support so they can troubleshoot, the link is in my signature.

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    Possible solution

    Hey i had the exact same problem recently. I noticed that the problem was with Mircosoft Visual C++, and with some help from google I discovered a solution in uninstall all your versions of Mircosoft Visual C++ and the reinstalling Heroes VI. This allows it to install the version of Microsoft Visual C++ that i was build with, and it fixed it for me.

    I tried just reinstalling both Heroes VI and Microsoft Visual both without results hopes this helps if you haven't solved it yet

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    hi i just recently bought this game and a laptop just to play, only to be disappointed because my laptop keeps on crashing/restarting when i launch the game. When i try other game it doesnt crash. Please help i dont know what to do... i really want to play

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    neigh guys I have a problem when I go to play the game go via IP from some ubisoft where zeitaei and my keys.

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    try to reinstall it i guess

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