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    Killer Queen solo

    There is a flaw in the solo for Killer Queen combo. Actually, I think it's the section labeled Solo 2. No matter how many times I play it in riff repeater - and I play it perfectly - it tells me to try again. I can't level it past 70%, because there is something wrong with the note detection in that section.

    I noticed that it was constantly complaining about one note in particular - the only one that falls on the 17th orange fret. No matter if I played that note on the G (orange) or B (green) strings, it would always say the note was flat. But it wasn't flat. So I started playing that note with a slight bend and found that it would register that note as correct only if you played it sharp. And not a little bit sharp - about a 1/4 step sharp. But not too sharp, either. I found that it only accepted a very small window where it would say it was played correctly.

    So like I said, I started playing that one note sharp, and it'd flash as if I hit it correctly. But it still doesn't level up that section for me and it's really crazy, because I can watch every single note in the solo flash as if I hit them all correctly, but it still says to try again.

    I've played that solo at least 100 times in riff repeater. It doesn't level up after 70%. I can play it absolutely perfectly at 100% in riff repeater 30 times in a row and guarantee that it won't level up. Brian May himself couldn't level it up the way it is currently programmed.

    There seems to be several songs that are simply impossible to master, because of some flaw in the programming. Sunshine of Your Love comes to mind. I've played that solo hundreds of times and it refuses to level up. It is more than a minor frustration when you know you're playing something as perfectly as it can be played, and the game refuses to acknowledge it.

    Has anyone here been able to get Solo 2 in Killer Queen combo leveled to 100%? Or the solo for SoYL? The solo in Space Oddity? It seems to me that these and a few others were made impossible (intentionally or unintentionally, I don't know). Is there anyone from the Rocksmith team that can address this? Are there certain songs that are impossible to master, no matter how well they are played?

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    I have levelled all the queen pack arrangements except the one stone cold arrangement, so killer queen can be masterred. I have also levelled both SoYL arrangements, and Space Oddity.

    These are all tight arrangements where you need to hit 100% notes. Make sure the bends are all flashing on SoYL, and you get those slides in correctly. Take a video and watch it, I guarantee you are missing one small note somewhere - I felt the same way, as though I had hit it many times ahead of it actually levelling.

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    I just booted up that song to check it out. It's solo 3 you're talking about. I think your main problem is the bends. There are a lot and the game can be picky about how perfect it has to be. I was at 70% in the solo you're talking about and just got up to 76% in about 10 gos in the leveler. Like I said, just watch your bends, all the notes seem to register just fine.

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    Well, it's good to know that it's possible, but I do insist there is a problem with that one 17th fret note. And as far as I can see, all the notes are flashing, even on that one crazy note.

    I can't find any notes I'm getting wrong or missing. I've listened to the song about a million times over the past 20 years and I know exactly what it's supposed to sound like.

    What really doesn't make any sense is why some songs require 100% accuracy and others seem to allow all sorts of sloppiness. They should have made it a rule to always allow at least 1 mistake in a section, because they know the software doesn't always register things correctly when they are played correctly.

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    About the bends - I usually bend to the pitch that I think sounds the most correct, but I know that RS is stupid about bends sometimes. I tried playing that solo bending the **** out of each of the bends, just to make sure they registered, but it still always complained about something. Which is another major flaw of the game - that it sometimes doesn't tell you where you make mistakes.

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    How do the notes come out after the 17th fret? Have you checked them as well? It might be a problem with your intonation because the 17th fret sounds right when I play that solo.

    I also found bends to be much easier to register after I switched over to 10s. I don't know why that is.

    Edit: Just got it up to 88% This solo has to be exact for it to count. If you're messing up on a bend the fret will flash red, so keep a look out for that. But I did have a similar problem with my high e string at one time. I'd have to bend it to get it in tune. It was an intonation problem for sure. I have a Floyd rose so I just changed all the strings and fixed it while the strings were off, but I doubt for you it will be a complicated fix.
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    All the notes after it seem ok... I don't think it's a problem with my intonation. I mean, what I noticed about that 17th fret note was that it only registered when I'd intentionally play it sharp, and it sounds noticeably sharp when I play it that way. Also, I could play that same note on the G or B strings (13th fret) & it'd still say I was flat, although to my ears, the note sounded perfect. I also don't have problems with the notes on higher frets, so I don't think it's a problem of intonation.

    I forget what song it was, but I recall having a big problem with another solo that had a lot of bends. I'd play it and it would sound perfect, but some notes just wouldn't register. Then I tried playing all the bends super sharp, and then they all registered. Unfortunately, that hasn't worked for me with the Killer Queen solo. It's just so frustrating because it seems there is no consistency when it comes to how accurate you have to be. There should be a little room for mistakes. And actually, I'm not even talking about making room for a mistake so much as making room for it to not have to be *exactly* what RS wants you to play, which in my opinion is sometimes more "exact" than what the artist actually recorded for the song.

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    Yeah, it's a bit random how much you need to hit to level a section... The one block sections require 100% notes hit usually, the 4 or 5 block sections let you miss a TON of notes and level. I think they should let you miss one note on the single block sections, but then again, often you get credit for notes you don't hit, so maybe they think you've already got leeway due to that...?

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    If a particular note is out it may be your intonation. The rest of the guitar is in tune, but this note may be out.

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    Well, I eventually did level up the Killer Queen solo 3, and apparently it was new strings that made the difference, although I really don't think my old strings sounded much different from the new ones. Even with the new ones, it took a few tries, and I still really don't know why it wasn't accepting what I was playing with the old strings. I played the part pretty much exactly the same every time, and eventually it liked one of my takes good enough to accept it, I guess.

    So I guess the moral of the story is, if you run into a brick wall with RS where you think you're playing a part right and it just isn't taking it, maybe it's time to crack open a fresh set of strings.

    But I still think there's something wonky with that one 17th fret note...

    Anyway, I got this one without using the new 'leveler bug', but if I had known about it last week when I was working on the Killer Queen solo, I probably would have just used it. I think it's pretty silly to prevent a section from leveling over just one note. But for my thoughts on the leveling bug, I'll post my thoughts over there in that thread.

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