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    Giving gifts in the new format

    I love the new format for giving gifts, its just like another game i play, but for 2 days now, when i click on all that i want to send, it comes up there was an error try again later. Ive tried 20 times!!! anyone else having trouble?

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    I haven't had any problems thus far. However I have sent colleague requests and haven't had anyone respond to my requests. Other than that, the requests seem to go out with no problem.

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    No colleague answers my requests, House always treats them. Ive had a few requests send and I have helped them. but never for me. I know you are working out the bugs, but some bugs are getting old and have been here too long, should be fixed by now

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    I am having trouble giving gifts. My friend sends me so many in one day, but yet when I try to send her some back, it will only allow me to send one gift per day. It doesn't load correctly, and I can't get my House friends up again. Is anyone else having this problem?

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    The reason why you are getting sent so many gifts is because in your messages tab when you give someone a gift, they accept it and then it asks if they would like to send one back. Sorry for the long run on lol

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