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    Uplay Launcher Problems

    (Prior to this launcher i had no problems with any of my ubisoft games apart from the usual lag and servers)

    There are so many... wow unbelievable. The new uplay launcher update has added a chat system and a slick control base for your games.


    - Assassins Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer worked for a full half hour then stopped working completely and i could not log back in no matter what = cant play
    - Ghost Recon Future Soldier worked for an hour then crashed. Game now consistently crashes everytime i open it. = cant play
    - Assassins Creed Revelations won't even open and is asking for CD key and says already given when i enter it. = cant play

    Everygame i have is screwed

    Thank you Ubisoft

    Anyone else got Problems?
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    Begin with standard procedure: uninstal launcher, remove its files from progra files and C:/users/$username$/application data/local/ and from C:/users/$username$/application data/roaming/ and then install it again.

    If this will not help go with reinstalling launcher and games which have problems.
    Are you facing some problems in assassin's creed revelations? Check this faq, maybe there is a solution:
    And here fo Assassin's Creed III game:
    Black Flag:
    Interesting blog i've found some time ago:

    "Devs are aware"!!!!
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    yep done the reinstall launcher and my games are steam . Anyway its not the games its the launcher as before the update i had no problems
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    uPlay launcher

    I suppose uPlay was "patched" after 3 of July because my AC2 save game is always falling back to that date. Luckily by booting the game multiple times I've got the newest save via Steam Cloud sync. Just waiting for the time my saves are gone forever... Steam is the only platform I haven't got problems with. Suck that you pay for your game and get this to deal with.
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    Please make sure you contact Ubisoft Support and let them know the details of the issue. You can find the link in my signature.
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    ubisoft support sucks I am going to see if I can report them for fraudulently taking my money all I get is the roun around
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