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    The issue is cost.. Making something that someone can "stomp" on calls for some robust parts. I made one of my controllers for another forum member. Even using simple arcade buttons runs about $40 after s/h. 1/8" Aluminum face plate and oak chassis He asked if I'd make it a little smaller then mine so I did.
    I even looked into getting regular effects board peddles and those parts cost even more. My current foot controller uses the arcade buttons but I'm looking int casting peddles more like an effects board. But I'd first like to figure out how to add a Wah peddle to round out the controller better.

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    Moved to the gear forum.

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    I actually just thought of this today while I was unlocking various pedals in Rocksmith. It would be cool to be able to dynamically fade in various pedal effects with a pedal or even just knobs, and it would be cool if they released something like this when they release Rocksmith 2014, I'd definitely buy it! It would add a bit more realism to the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuitarNub View Post
    Heck, they can do 10-12 buttons, with two wah / volume pedals and a four way FX selector - why not? There's 10-12 buttons on a controller, two thumb stick and a 4/8 way.

    I do plug my tuner pedal inline with the guitar to rocksmith.
    Or even better, they could take a standard midi foot controller, like most amp software does. For playing songs it is not really necessary, since 2014 will change presets during the song automatically, but it would be cool for amp or session mode. I have this one in my wishlist:

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    I actually made one of the foot controllers when RS1 came out. even posted some pictures. It has been working like a champ ever sense. I do have to add a few more switches for the new 2014 game as they added a few more functions. but it isn't too difficult to DIY.

    Here is a link to my controller pictures:

    If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
    Some else mentioned a Midi controller. I have an extra on I was going to use on my Carvin V3M / Eleven Rack rig. If I get some time I'll look at that. One of the biggest hurdles will be connectivity with the gaming system. I have a feeling an arduino based connection could be put together. I'm open to try anything. I have hated using the hand held controller all this week..

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