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    Next patch wish list

    ok, what do we all want to see on the next patch ?
    not songs...that is a different wish list.

    here is my list, feel free to add.
    New audience...nuff said

    Practice mode - full song speed and or level control

    Some videos from pros about bad habits and how to avoid them

    ok, this one is a long shot.....first time you get a new song or bring it up from
    the song list, you have the option to play a video by a pro who goes over some tips for playing
    that song. video never mandantory

    mini game covering apegio
    that's my list please add more
    Back from the dead ! hahahaha brains.....brains......use...your.....brains...

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    Why did you make a second thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toymachinesh View Post
    Why did you make a second thread?
    why do you still have hope ?

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    Good question, one was a singular suggestion...Black widow asked me to repost that in the
    suggestion section...and I did that.

    This is more fishing for ideas in general that would be nice for a patch...basically looking for feedback.
    maybe one of my suggestions is bad because of something I over looked. Then someone can tell me,
    that is bad because of so and so..and I can say...yep your right, bad idea

    ect.. ect..
    Back from the dead ! hahahaha brains.....brains......use...your.....brains...

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    I'd personally like to see support for extended range guitars. Seven and eight strings. Also more challenging music. The mini games are fun but an arpeggio one would be great.

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    Please use the sticky thread to post wishlist stuff.

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