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Thread: EU Guitar Bundle gets 8 Free Songs (Existing DLC?) | Forums

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyFarkas View Post
    I think that is a great idea to get them 8 extra dlc. they been waiting for a long time. I hope a lot Europe users will pick up Rocksmtith. More users means more money that ubi can invest to buy bigger and better dlc.
    not just dlc but software updates and later RS2

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    I somehow didn't see this thread before...

    As one of the people eagerly awaiting this game in EUrope, I'm stoked to see there is a bundle coming AND with a few extra songs. I was still recently debating on waiting for the Euro release or ordering the US version but now I know I can just be patient and get some extra songs. Actually with the euro/dollar conversion, we'll still be paying more for the game and/or bundle but still... its on its way!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KinchBlade View Post
    Interesting. How does €199 stack up against the original USD release price - I can't rememeber how much it originally retailed. I'll bet it was less than €199 though
    It originally retailed for $80usd for the game/cord combo and $200usd for the guitar bundle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StratoTeles View Post
    It originally retailed for $80usd for the game/cord combo and $200usd for the guitar bundle.
    If UBI doesn't know how to do exchange rate and sells 79/199 no matter the currency of the country, I hope they start selling Rocksmith for 79 "reais" and the bundle for 199 "reais" in Brazil. That's gonna be a cheap guitar! Bah, who am I kidding... they just pretend they don't know how to convert currency when it is their advantage (like applying US$ price amounts in Euros). With the DLC.they do a very advantageous (for them) currency conversion: each song is 2.99 in the Sates, but 6.5 "reais" or about ÜS$3.30.

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    It's not that they don't know how to convert the currency; it's just the way things work in general given the disparity of taxes and import duties. Having lived in the Eurozone for the last decade, I've found a lot of things priced the same except for the currency conversion. Chalk it up to 20% VAT in a lot of places. I doubt the same works in countries with lower-valued currency.

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    I got an Email from Ubisoft. It will be six Songs, not eight. But they won´t tell me wich ones

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    Maybe they couldn't give Pearl Jam away for free heheh

    (because 8 songs get it?)

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