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    GRFS Startup Intro - How to remove?

    Heya guys!

    I've grown tired of the non-skippable startup screen of ubisoft and the 3 bouncing bullets and the incredible high volume that I cannot lower, everytime I start the game I'II have myself removing the headset from my head.

    My question is, how do I remove it or lower its volume?


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    It's rather easy:

    E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier\Video

    There are the three intro videos, called:


    But you cannot erase them or the game will not start. You need to replace them. First, rename them. I usually add a # in front of the filename:


    Now create three text files:


    (At this point you most likely have to activate visible file extensions, google for it if you don't know how.)

    And finally, rename them:


    There is a chance that this is not working. Report back if this is the case.

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    It's not working.

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    Okay, then use this empty bink file template:

    Copy it two times, rename it into the video files from the game, copy it in the video folder.

    They're from an old Mass Effect no intro modification. Those are real bink-videos, they run for half a second or so and only show a green screen. ^^

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    Thanks for the reply GODzillaGSPB, I'II try it out and report back.

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    Alright GODzilla, I tried your first suggestion by creating txt's and then renaming their file extension to .bik and it did not work (black screen forever upon launching game)

    I also tried remaining the 3 files to for example: SPL_ESRB_UBI_CLANCY.bik.old and the result in that was the same as above.

    Then I tried your second suggestion by downloading from your mediafire link and copied em over and when I launched the game the screen flickers with green background (2-3blinks) and then before you know your at the main menu for GRFS!

    Awesome help and greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    Yep, that's how it works. But I wouldn't want to take the fame away from the individual who created this fix for Mass Effect:

    "No Intro patches by n1kster"

    He created the empty bink-files. So all hail to n1kster!

    Keep the file as a backup somewhere, because this trick works on countless games. Disabling the intro-movies is probably among the first things I do for my games. *g* Before you do it thoug, always try the other two possibilities:

    1.) Backup the videos, then erase the originals and test if the game starts without them.

    2.) Backup the videos, then try with txt files, since they're skipped without the blinking green screen.

    3.) And if nothing works, try the empty blink templates. ^^

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