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    Exclamation Attention All Laptop Users of GRO

    Has any other laptop user of GRO been experiencing technical issues loading into matches via the Bloomberg error or something else? GM is linking the error with mobile graphics card not being fully supported. Any other laptop user with a mobile graphics card want to commiserate about it? Am I the only laptop player that can only load certain maps (Such as Korolyov Towers) but cannot load Cheroyon.. LZ and have very, very little success with Markov Station?

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    I heard there was poor optimization amongst certain cards, but I haven't experienced anything wrong with my GTX 460M.

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    I have no problem playing GRO in my laptop,my laptop have GTX 630M graphic card.

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    I was able to play fine up until yesterday. Now i get and error code 81F6007 everytime i try to get into a match. I have no clue how to fix it.

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