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    Cool A quick update from me - and my son ;o)

    Hi everyone!
    Wow, I haven't really gotten around to visit this forum much since I quit moderating a few months ago. I hope there are still some people left here that recognise me.
    For those who wonder if I got around to clearing out my Private messages - nope I still haven't done that so in other words I can't send or receive any private messages. I wanted to save some of the old ones I have, and it has not worked when I've tried downloading them. So at the moment I can only be reached by e-mail for those of you that have my adress.

    Anyways, I'm not here to ramble on about my issues with the PT system. I wanted to drop by to give you a quick update, as some of you know I quit moderating this forum some time ago because I was going to be a mom in May. And on May 29th I finally gave birth to a son - it sure was no picnic but worth it when it was done. He's a month old now, so in other words it's been a month now without much sleep for me and my man. But that was kind of expected so...and it won't be like that forever I hope! Anyway, it's wonderful to see him growing and being able to do new things - he's started to smile now also. Well by the sounds of it he's hungry now so I've got to wrap this up!

    I promised you back when I left that I would come back and show a picture, so to keep my promise; this is my little boy:

    I hope everything is good with all of you POP forum members!


    Prince of Persia Community
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    Heyy, ANgelina, it is a pleasure to have you back !! the baby is awesome and you are even more! i bet you are a very proud mother right now!
    we are waiting you back !
    and about us well...we're angry... but we're ok for now, thank you!
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    Aww he's adorable!! good luck for everything!

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    Awww, such a cute baby, congratz Angie on becoming a mother.

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    OMG Isn't that the cutest thing ever Best wishes for you and that little devil of yours
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    He's sooo cute, congratulations Angelina

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    PS: I like his t-shirt :P
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    And just as the original Prince was for quite a while, he has no name! ... yet


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    Aw wow, congrats
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    From mod to mother that's quite an update, congratz

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