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    SCC online problem?

    i cant play co-op online. i already fix firewall and port.
    pls help

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    Hello coopsd13... sorry to hear about your online problem/issue... I will try to help. More information is necessary to help troubleshoot your problem/issue... you have not provided any specific details about what is actually happening/occurring. It's important to give as much hardware/software details as possible to assist in trying to define the problem/issue (see this thread for an example). What message is Splinter Cell Conviction giving you? Does it say "Server not available" or "Unable to connect, connection not responding"... this is helpful information when trying to troubleshoot your particular problem/issue. More than likely you are having a connection issue due to your Splinter Cell Conviction ports not being opened (properly)... you mentioned in your post "i already fix firewall and port" but unless you have verified that all these ports are open, then you must assume that they may still be closed. Download and install Simple Port Tester (its free) and verify if the Splinter Cell Conviction ports are open. Be sure to use internal IP address and not external IP address when port forwarding/port testing. If you are uncertain what your internal IP address is, go to Windows/Start/Run/type cmd and hit enter... at the command prompt, type ipconfig and hit enter... look under Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection 1 for IPv4 Address... this is your local IP address (should be something like Good luck.
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    I set and successfully tested my ports using Simple port tester. However, it still gives the message " server not available. Please try again later" (or something to that extent).

    I can play the single player modes and therefore I doubt it is something to do with my hardware.

    I have already used the new Uplay to play online ( Assassin's creed Revelation) and therefore I doubt it is a problem with that.

    I have no clue why I can't play on multiplayer modes. Could you please help?

    EDIT: I also tested with the Firewall off.

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    Hello RenegadeRex... congratulations on port forwarding correctly; good job. If after port forwarding correctly (verified) and you still receive the message "Splinter Cell Conviction servers are not available at this time", there can only be a few reasons (that I can think of) why this would occur:
    1. The Ubisoft Servers are down (temporarily)... be patient and they will be back online shortly (this is not likely the issue as you consistently receive the message)
    2. There is a program on your PC that is monitoring/scanning/blocking incoming/outgoing traffic... disable (temporarily) any and all Internet Security programs
    3. Your internet throughput is bottle-necking due to other programs tying-up the bandwidth... disable/exit all programs that are accessing the internet (torrent downloads, firewall/security, chat/talk programs etc.)
    4. You're using a Wireless Network Interface to play Splinter Cell Conviction and you don't have a good solid/steady connection... your wireless connection may be suffiecient to browse the web/email etc... but you need (free and available) at least 5mb downstream/1mb upstream (guesstimate) to play Splinter Cell Conviction multiplayer online successfully.
    Your PC systems seems to be ready to play Splinter Cell Conviction now that you have opened ports, unfortunately there is something keeping you from logging into the Ubisoft Server on your end. If after you've double-checked your PC and you still receive the message, then I suggest you contact Ubisoft Support RenegadeRex, it's very important that you provide Ubisoft Support with relevant/adequate information so they can help you solve this problem/issue (see example
    Good luck.
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    I'm having this issue as well.

    The funny thing is that if i switch the uplay account (logout mine and login with the uplay account of a friend) everything works correctly.

    So apparently a lot of these issues could also be caused because of data connected to your uplay account

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    Hi Reaver56, please open a ticket with our Technical Support team so they can check your account, the link is in my signature.

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    Already did. Just wanted to inform Green Hornet about the issue

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    Ubi fixed my issue by giving me a new serial key with which i could register SCC on uplay.

    Not really satisfied with this solution as i know other people are having this issue as well. But my problem is fixed now :/
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    Realy it takes 5mb to play Splinter Cell Conviction?? I have 2-4 and its inposible to get more were i live... So is it just to give up playing Splinter Cell Conviction with my frends?? ;(

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