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    Quote Originally Posted by Acrimonious_Nin View Post
    No, by that logic they are magical ponies not chicken. Your logic is not sound. Plain out irrational and illogical. just saying
    Scootaloo is a chicken.
    And The Assassin's have a pet mine turtle.

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    everybody knows that the assassins are ponies, templars are assassins, gerbils are chickens and chickens are templars

    i believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade... And try to find somebody who's life has given them vodka, and have a party.

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    Wait ? I have so many questions ! -__- you people are nuts.

    Scootaloo = 'magic ponies'

    >>> IF Scootaloo == 'magic ponies':
    ............print 'Hey, that makes sence ^__^'
    >>> ELIF Scootaloo == 'chicken':
    ............print 'That makes no sense'
    >>> ELSE:
    ............print ' Google says otherwise'
    *Running test...

    >>> ' Google says otherwise'

    If the Assassins are ponies, the Templars are Assassins, gerbils are chickens and chickens are Templars, then Everything here is consequently a pony ^__^ l,,l
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack-Reacher View Post
    If its so blatantly obvious that im trolling then im not really trolling am I? Im not trying to get an emotional response out of anyone
    That just makes it spam.

    Thank you LordWolv, a.k.a. Isaac500, for the awesome new sig and avatar! They look friggin amazing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LightRey View Post
    That just makes it spam.
    Correction: Entertaining spam. I always make up stories like this to things. It never gets old for me

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    I'm going to lock this now.

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