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    Such a beautiful

    Hey guys i was at youtube looking for videos then i came by this video, its so awesome and emotional

    Ezio Auditore will be remebered forever

    idk where to post this so i made a thread and its not my video so im not trying to advirtise my channel just put it up so people could watch this nice vid
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    Short and intense, as I like. Congratulations!
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    Well i imagine Black Widow would tell you to post it in this thread and then lock this one. (Not trying to mod, just having a little fun since black widow tends to do that ).

    Although that thread title could probably use with being updated to specifically mention AC3 as well. Could probably be stickied also, but if they haven't stickied it already then there's not much chance of them doing it.

    Anyway it's a nice video and well put together. Short and sweet
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    Indeed - it should be posted in the ongoing thread

    Which is for ALL games in the series

    The thread does not really need a sticky - since it's both linked to from one of the pinned threads - here and is always somewhere around the front page

    We try and keep the pinned threads down to a minimum - so it does not confuse people
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