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    Hello Boys and Girls!

    I play Assasin's Creed Revelations, but if i want to play multiplayer, it always says: "Sorry, the ubisoft server is offline, try again later"
    Please help me fix this problem! Thanks!
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    Na początek spróbuj przeinstalować grę oraz ubisoft game launcher, nie będzie zlym pomysłem także ręczna aktualizacja punkbustera. Wszystkie te czynności opisałem w faqu który mam zalinkowany w swojej sygnaturze.

    Try to reinstall the game, ubisoft game launcher and to manually update punkbuster. All these things i\ve described in my faq, link in my signature.
    Are you facing some problems in assassin's creed revelations? Check this faq, maybe there is a solution:
    And here fo Assassin's Creed III game:
    Black Flag:
    Interesting blog i've found some time ago:

    "Devs are aware"!!!!
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