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    i dont have enough friends in my fb add me:

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    I know so many people that have this problem . I play a lot of games that require you to make friends. To reduce the problem we've created our own "group" pages. people get in on invite only and we share our good connections with each other. It seems to work because | haven't had a ban for ages now. I haven't been playing House for long so I don't know of a "safe" page yet but have ones for Pirate Clan, Viking Clan, Zombie Slayer and Dead Or Alive. If you need an intro to any of those just let me know. My FB name is Tim Terror.

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    Add Me for various games on FB.

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    Wink Safe Add!

    I play House Religiously and consistently ad people I do not know personally for games. I play a few games other than house. Feel free to send me a Facebook friend request and i will gladly add you for game play. Please be kind and send a message stating you are a game friend.


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    cant accept gifts or send or accpt friend requests

    please help can't accept send friends or supllies please help like to keep playing game

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    u can add me if ud like

    Quote Originally Posted by JuanH2012 View Post
    I got 4 NEW friends 1 TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Add me

    Please if anyone needs another friend on house please add me id like to have a few more freinds if possible thanks

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    25 house credits offer

    I have invited more than 5 people and more than 5 new people have joined so how do I get the 25 house credits?

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    Where are my credits???

    Same here! I have around 15 colleagues, at LEAST 10 of which did not previously play the game. All have been invited and joined within the past month (since I myself just recently began playing). I expected to have 25 credits yesterday and still haven't gotten any. Is there something else we have to do that we weren't told about? I'm confused.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShannonHoward View Post
    I have invited more than 5 people and more than 5 new people have joined so how do I get the 25 house credits?

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    My rugby experience

    Hi, guys! This is my first post. I am a rugby fan. I like to share my rugby experience with others. I have found a very nice site where I can watch all the rugby actions live. If anyone finds better than this. Please let me know.

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