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    Viewing issues

    Hi guys i just got back to il2 with cliffs of dover, and the game just rocks!. i just changed the gpu to a 7850 and now the game runs smooth like water

    But i have a problem, i tryed to find something about it but cant find anything.

    I have always played Il2 with the mouse for panning the view, but it is really awkward in cod, you have to hold a button, and then the mouse speed is really slow.

    Then i figured that i could use the little joystick on my throttle for viewing instead, but here comes my problem, i cant get it to work in the game, anyone that knows how to do this?

    It is hard to explain but in the controls menu under the "axes" tab there are no viewing options, just controls for aircraft and vehicle and AAA.

    I would be really happy if some one could help me with this.

    Regards Dark.

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    Press F10 to toggle from clickable cockpit to mouse view mode and you don't need to hold the button.
    The little joystick on your stick needs to be set to mouse emulation, if it's and X52 or X65 from Saitek I think that's the default. If it moves your mouse cursor when you're out of the game, it's set that way. In game, press F10 and the stick will control view. I use my X52 that way, just as I did in earlier IL2 games except for having to toggle to mouse view by pressing F10.
    As for mouse speed, mine's pretty much exactly as it is in IL2:1946. In conf.ini (...Steam\Steamapps\common\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\conf.ini ) there's a section for mouse sensitivity, mine looks like this:
    SwapButtons = 0

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    Thanks Tully now i am good!

    Cant stop flying the Tiger Moth now, looking at the scenery

    Again cheers mate!

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